Saturday, 28 April 2012

Follow the spirit spirit spirit guide!

Yet another research post, this one actually requested! *happy dance*  So where to start....

A spirit-what?
A spirit guide (they can be an ancestor or a deity or angel) or totem animal, who assists you through problems and gives you advice, through dreams, mediation, and  path-workings-basically helps guide you and watches over you.  It's say you'll have a special connection to them and that their is something that reminds you of yourself.
This belief practice comes from the native Americans and shamanism. Shaman would use drugs (not recommended!) to induce a hallucination, where they would travel to the other world / spirit world and get help to heal the sick. 
There are different times of animal totems:

  1. Life Totems. As you may have guessed, stays with you through out this life. The totem doesn't usual change unless there is a emotional trauma that changes your personality. This is because you may not respond to the Totem as well in it's old form. In each life stage the totem's job alters to help you. For example, in infancy the totem may protect you.
  2. Message Totems. Short term contact with this type of totem is expected. It is like a post man delivering your mail but instead may give you some key information or a warning. So these totem are something to pay attention to.
  3. Journey Totems. A totem that guides you through a specific journey to complete it.
  4. Shadow Totems. This totem is apparently the one who challenges you, trying to trip you up and bring you down. (MEANY!) This totem represents the your fears and phobias. If there is a particular animal that scares you, it is probably be you shadow totem. Mine used to be a spider *shudder* but after weeks of been stalked by these spiders, I stopped freaking out and after that they disappeared.  BY confronting a shadow totem it becomes a friend and companion. This totem is here to teach you a lesson, and it won't stop till you've learnt it.
Different animals have different means, you may instinctively know what the animal means to you or you may want to Google it. By learning the meaning of the animal you are empowering yourself with the knowledge of the lesson or message the totem is teaching/or telling you. 

There are loads of videos on YouTube helping the viewer to get in touch with their personal spirit guide. My friend Sarah, for example used one of these videos, using the vocal guidance to help her focus in the meditation. She found she had both a human spirit guide and an totem animal. She seemed in a state of shock and calmness after meeting them, with a simple smile, she told me all about them. 
 Example of some good videos:

It is said that when your talking to your to your spirit guide you'll feel safe and filled with a sense of calm and understanding. However, if when talking to this being that says it's your guide,you feel scared, nervous or trapped. Then it's best to leave. Remember, you are in control, so it can't stop you from leaving.
 I suggest the first couple times, if you chose to contact your spirit guide that you do it with someone else there, and have a signal to show if you need help suggest as twitching you fingers, or tilting your head, etc. It is easy to be "woken" from a meditation, so if the other person says your name and asks for you to come back or taps you on the shoulder a few times, should work.
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