Monday, 6 August 2012

Just for fun

In the past few posts i have given readers information about all sorts of paranormal beings/happens. However, into days post I'm supplying you with links to test your Psychic powers. ;) We can compare results in the comment section below. 

This tests different types of psychic ability such as precognition, clairvoyance etc. It's quite simple in the way it's set out, and easy to work your way through.

This is a great test, however you'll need a piece of paper and a pen or just print the page out, it's up to you.  I found this test very straight forward and in depth. The feedback from the results is excellent as it is detailed.  

This tests for how intuitive you are. This also from the same website as the above test, while the above you needed a piece of paper and pen, this time you could just keep count with your hands or in your head. Clear and straight forward questions, but less on the description for results. 

This link is to find out if your a psychic vampire (i wrote an post on it awhile back). 

This is quite a long test, it has 24 questions, with a hand full of options to pick. For such a detailed test, the results are short and to the point. 

If you have found a test that you found rather exceptionable, then please feel free to post the link in the comment section below :) 

Have fun and don't take it to serious as i can't insure that these tests are 100% accurate. Hope you've been enjoying your summer. 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Quick little fact! :)

I was chatting with my friend the other day and she enlightened me with something interesting. She said garlic doesn't work on vampires, because it was originally pumpkins that were used to repulse vampires! Which explains why pumpkins are used on Halloween.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Outer body experiance

So, i was wondering am i the only one to have an outer body experience? I was asking my friends and they didn't seem to know what would be classed as an outer body experience. Which came as a great shock to me, as they knew the word,then surely they'd know the definition;apparently not.
SO to clean up any miss understanding, a outer body experience is "a vivid feeling of being detached from one's body,usually involving observing it and its environment from nearby." This definition comes from the Collins English dictionary.   It is also known as OBE or OOBE. some people have a near death experience which can cause an OBE. However, not everyone dies to experience an outer body experience. This link shows how some people have a voluntary outer body experience  

Here is a story i found on the internet:

  • My Son's OBEs
About a year and a half ago, my son Jay, nine years old, started having what I think are spontaneous out-of-body experiences. The first one happened when he was camping with his father and his father's girlfriend (we have been separated since Jay was one year old). Jay told me later that he was drifting off to sleep in the tent about twenty metres from where his father was sitting at the campfire. All of a sudden, he had a burst of energy and thought he had woken up as he was now sitting right in front of the campfire listening to his father talk to his girlfriend. After some time he turned around to head back to the tent, which is when he saw his body still lying in the tent, apparently asleep. When he told his father what had happened, he was scolded and told that it wasn't true, and that if it was true it was the devil trying to enter his body, so he had better stop it.
I assumed this was a dream until a few months later when he came to me one morning and asked, "Why do you take your socks off to go to sleep, Mum?" I asked him how he knew this as he is always asleep before I go to bed. He replied, "Because I was standing in front of your bed watching you take off your socks and glasses, have a drink of water and turn the light off before you went to sleep. "But I had the door shut and I don't remember seeing you," I told him. He explained that he had come into my room while his body was still in his bed asleep.
I was in hospital when he had his next OBE. He said it was late at night and he saw a nurse with black hair and a gold broach in the form of a cat on her uniform above her nametag. She was talking to me and I was crying. All of this was true: I was crying because I felt bad at not being able to be home with him on the school holidays.
Two weeks later he came to me again - he told me about things I was talking about on the phone when I was at home in bed, about what book I was reading and how I had changed my winter pajamas for summer ones before I went to sleep. Again I asked him how he knew all this and he replied in a matter-of-fact tone, "Because I was in your room again last night while my body was sleeping."

On another occasion, we were driving to see my sister's new house in western Australia for the first time. Half way there Jay said, "I can see a huge room with a piece of wood about a foot from the ceiling going all the way around the wall in this room, and the ceilings are twice as high as normal -- but I don't know where I have seen the room before." After we arrived, we had a tour of the house. When we got to my sister's room, Jay said, "Mum, this is the room I saw when we were driving to Aunty Leah's house."

An Australian Mother


Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hey everyone, it's been ages since my last post but i was searching for inspiration and I've been busy with my exams. 
So today's post is about superstitions. When typed into Google to get a definition, i got: "A widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief". In my own words, i'd describe superstition as believing something bad or good will happen after doing something -Cause and effect. For example, my friend Sarah when ever she sees three drains she avoids stepping over them and then spits on them. When i asked what she was doing, she explained it was "bad luck" to step on/over a series of three drains. 
Every place has it's own different superstitions. Some areas are more superstitious then others, but the point of superstitious beliefs are to help or protect you,(depending on the particular belief). Usually, it is a culturally belief or a belief formed from an experience. 

Here are some examples of common superstitions:

  •  Breaking a mirror results in seven years of bad luck! :O
  • Walking under a ladder is bad luck, well it is if it falls on you. Logical thinking i'd say. 
  • If you spill salt, it is bad luck so to undo this you take a pinch and throw it over your left shoulder.
  • A U-shaped horseshoe on the front of your house it to good for protection. 
  • If you drop a table knife expect a male visitor, however drop a fork expect a female visitor,.
  • The bride and groom must not see each other on the day of the wedding, until they are getting married, otherwise it's bad luck. 
  • You may remember this one from when you were little - stepping on cracking in the pavement is thought to be bad luck.
  • Opening an umbrella indoors- bad luck.
  • Carrying a rabbits foot is meant to be good luck... well not for the rabbit anyway. 
  • Finding a four leaf clover is meant to be really lucky, however it's rare to find them.
  • Actors and actresses don't say Macbeth on stage as it's bad luck, so refer to it as the Scottish play.
  • If you make a wish and then throw a penny into a wish well, it is thought your wish will come true.
  • Putting a hat on a bed is bad luck.
  • Knocking on wood to make something come true. Ever noticed when your parents say something negative such as we've had such good weather, now i've said that it'll change. Hopeful not through. *knocks on wood*
  • When you sneeze someone says "bless you" and your told not to say thank you as it kills the fairies. I remember this one from brownies. :')

A link to a website that has A to Z of superstition, so of which are quite weird. 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Follow the spirit spirit spirit guide!

Yet another research post, this one actually requested! *happy dance*  So where to start....

A spirit-what?
A spirit guide (they can be an ancestor or a deity or angel) or totem animal, who assists you through problems and gives you advice, through dreams, mediation, and  path-workings-basically helps guide you and watches over you.  It's say you'll have a special connection to them and that their is something that reminds you of yourself.
This belief practice comes from the native Americans and shamanism. Shaman would use drugs (not recommended!) to induce a hallucination, where they would travel to the other world / spirit world and get help to heal the sick. 
There are different times of animal totems:

  1. Life Totems. As you may have guessed, stays with you through out this life. The totem doesn't usual change unless there is a emotional trauma that changes your personality. This is because you may not respond to the Totem as well in it's old form. In each life stage the totem's job alters to help you. For example, in infancy the totem may protect you.
  2. Message Totems. Short term contact with this type of totem is expected. It is like a post man delivering your mail but instead may give you some key information or a warning. So these totem are something to pay attention to.
  3. Journey Totems. A totem that guides you through a specific journey to complete it.
  4. Shadow Totems. This totem is apparently the one who challenges you, trying to trip you up and bring you down. (MEANY!) This totem represents the your fears and phobias. If there is a particular animal that scares you, it is probably be you shadow totem. Mine used to be a spider *shudder* but after weeks of been stalked by these spiders, I stopped freaking out and after that they disappeared.  BY confronting a shadow totem it becomes a friend and companion. This totem is here to teach you a lesson, and it won't stop till you've learnt it.
Different animals have different means, you may instinctively know what the animal means to you or you may want to Google it. By learning the meaning of the animal you are empowering yourself with the knowledge of the lesson or message the totem is teaching/or telling you. 

There are loads of videos on YouTube helping the viewer to get in touch with their personal spirit guide. My friend Sarah, for example used one of these videos, using the vocal guidance to help her focus in the meditation. She found she had both a human spirit guide and an totem animal. She seemed in a state of shock and calmness after meeting them, with a simple smile, she told me all about them. 
 Example of some good videos:

It is said that when your talking to your to your spirit guide you'll feel safe and filled with a sense of calm and understanding. However, if when talking to this being that says it's your guide,you feel scared, nervous or trapped. Then it's best to leave. Remember, you are in control, so it can't stop you from leaving.
 I suggest the first couple times, if you chose to contact your spirit guide that you do it with someone else there, and have a signal to show if you need help suggest as twitching you fingers, or tilting your head, etc. It is easy to be "woken" from a meditation, so if the other person says your name and asks for you to come back or taps you on the shoulder a few times, should work.
Anyway, I hope this post has been helpful, for any other information comment below OR email me at

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hey there Soulmate!

Long time no post! I've missed you guys!!!  So my post today is on Soulmates. 
So what is a soulmate? It is someone you feel instantly connected to. Soulmates are usual stereotyped as being a person you fall in love the moment you set eyes on each other. However, this doesn't always apply. Sometimes our soulmate is our best friends, -someone who understands us, is there with you through the good and bad,a connection not based on infatuation or obsession and excepts you no matter what.  You may in fact have several soulmates!
So why do we have soulmates? Well, some say a soulmate is a guide who helps you achieve your goal in life or  to complete us, but we not 100% sure. Maybe you'll find out one day and you can tell me :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

I love reading...your mind ;)

Hello everyone! Yet again, another research post, this time about telepathy. 
If you don't know what telepathy is, then your in lucky.  "The supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses." Quoted from Google. Hmmm, seems even Google is skeptical but with good reason? 
It sounds a little far fetch but how many times have you thought something, and then someone said the exact words you thought. You could argue, if the speaker was someone you knew, then they have an advantage of already knowing the kinda thing you would say. Well, thank goodness for Fredric W.H. Myers, founder of the Society of Psychical Research. 

A experiment which is said to prove telepathy as real, was carried out by Harold Sherman and Hubert Wilkins. They used diaries to record the evidence to prove the other had received the thoughts and images; 75% of them were thought to be correct. Wilkins wrote: "When we finally were able to compare notes, what did we find? An amazing number of impressions recorded by Sherman of expedition happenings, and personal experiences, reactions and thoughts of mine. Too many of them were approximately correct and synchronized with the very day of the occurences to have been 'guesswork'"

So to summaries, it is very possible to read and send thoughts!! What a useful skill to have. ;D
 Any question comment below and I'll happily answer them.