Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hey everyone, it's been ages since my last post but i was searching for inspiration and I've been busy with my exams. 
So today's post is about superstitions. When typed into Google to get a definition, i got: "A widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief". In my own words, i'd describe superstition as believing something bad or good will happen after doing something -Cause and effect. For example, my friend Sarah when ever she sees three drains she avoids stepping over them and then spits on them. When i asked what she was doing, she explained it was "bad luck" to step on/over a series of three drains. 
Every place has it's own different superstitions. Some areas are more superstitious then others, but the point of superstitious beliefs are to help or protect you,(depending on the particular belief). Usually, it is a culturally belief or a belief formed from an experience. 

Here are some examples of common superstitions:

  •  Breaking a mirror results in seven years of bad luck! :O
  • Walking under a ladder is bad luck, well it is if it falls on you. Logical thinking i'd say. 
  • If you spill salt, it is bad luck so to undo this you take a pinch and throw it over your left shoulder.
  • A U-shaped horseshoe on the front of your house it to good for protection. 
  • If you drop a table knife expect a male visitor, however drop a fork expect a female visitor,.
  • The bride and groom must not see each other on the day of the wedding, until they are getting married, otherwise it's bad luck. 
  • You may remember this one from when you were little - stepping on cracking in the pavement is thought to be bad luck.
  • Opening an umbrella indoors- bad luck.
  • Carrying a rabbits foot is meant to be good luck... well not for the rabbit anyway. 
  • Finding a four leaf clover is meant to be really lucky, however it's rare to find them.
  • Actors and actresses don't say Macbeth on stage as it's bad luck, so refer to it as the Scottish play.
  • If you make a wish and then throw a penny into a wish well, it is thought your wish will come true.
  • Putting a hat on a bed is bad luck.
  • Knocking on wood to make something come true. Ever noticed when your parents say something negative such as we've had such good weather, now i've said that it'll change. Hopeful not through. *knocks on wood*
  • When you sneeze someone says "bless you" and your told not to say thank you as it kills the fairies. I remember this one from brownies. :')

A link to a website that has A to Z of superstition, so of which are quite weird. 


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