Wednesday, 22 February 2012

So many names, but lets go with Shapeshifter

Greetings :)
So like I said in my last post, I was going to do some research, and that's exactly what I've done. This topic I find quite interesting, (not in a creepy mad scientist kinda way, pinkie promise).

A shapeshifter, as I'm going to refer to this type of being, is simple a person who can change their mental state or partly/or full physical state to a different state, usual said to become an animal. In common mythology wolfs;which is where werewolfs come from.

Most Shapeshifters inherit the ability to shift states through being born to a shifter family, there is two different sides to this coin- the individual inherit ability therefore can shifter or has to kill a family member/ or person to shifter. Nasty business if you ask me, killing or even hurting people doesn't seem worth the pain you'd cause. However, it is rumored that the Loup virus/or curse is what triggers the change. So there isn't a definite answer,unless your a shifter then you'd know ;)

It is said when a shifter changes states, (I find the mental dominance most believable, but then that's my opinion)   that their senses are heightened, their strength increases as well as their speed. There are supposed tail tale signs a person is a shifter by how graceful they walk, how strong there relationships are, how protective or submissive they person personality is and if they are very socialable.
Some triggers for the change are: being threatened or protecting someone, stress, the full moon(eye roll), anger or intense emotion. Due to these triggers a shifter would have to have a lot of self control....

This is a brief summary of the basic facts I found, so I hope it was somewhat amusing in a thought provoking manner, but not so long you grow drowsy enough to bang your head against the screen... Feed back would be greatly appreciated. 
 Thanks x

Saturday, 18 February 2012


I haven't posted in awhile....Belated happy Valentines day by the way :) 
I was reading some online books, and I just had a sudden overwhelming inspiration! We have all heard of twilight and the new fascination with vampires, werewolfs, witches, shapeshifters, etc. Well, I'm going to do some research on them, try and get the "real" facts on them....  
Any information you have, or stories. I'd greatly appreciate and of course, I'll put who the info came from (unless you rather I didn't). My emails:

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The obsession of the Spirit

Heya reader!
So yet another update on the Helena-ghost situation and this time I was kinda there? Ever heard of Astral travel? Well, it seems I somehow experienced with Helena early this morning yet another happening. To be perfectly honest I'm not sure how I did it but I did. I've briefly read about it but I'm not 100% in the know about the mechanics of it. A research post is definitely going to appear on this topic- Astral travel.

Back to the point! I finally got to sleep but there was this buzzing atmosphere, and I felt dizzy however I assumed it was because I was attempting to slip into unconsciousness. I then remember being in someone else bedroom, before realizing i was dreaming and began to feel more conscious;that's when i heard the tap tap-tap tap-tap tap- Pause -tap tap-tap tap-tap tap- BANG. Silences. My head bolted up, but I still wasn't completely awake. I didn't see anything in front of me and that's what I thought the tapping had come from. Surprising, I wasn't panicked or even interested; I just proceeded to walk out my room, halting at the doors threshold. My mothers door swished back and forth, like a fake b*tch slap. Then it froze. A bone-jarring noise exactly like nails being dragged down a solid surface racketed off the walls,however I didn't even blink. I wasn't scared,and for some reason it didn't really register at the time what was happening. It was like I was sleep-walking,but only slightly aware of actually moving and environmental changes. The last thing I remember before my mother knocking on my door to wake me up is the time 6 o'clock.

Later that morning I was in maths, talking to Helena, and she was telling me how she her her and strangely "it started pressing on the f button and won't stop", then surprises of all surprises revealed her tapping /scratching at 6 0'clock business.  She inquired on how to get rid pesky entity. Well, from what I've learnt just telling them to leave such in theory work. However, if a polite get lost doesn't reap any successful results, then saying in the name of the deity or God/ddess you believe asking them to leave may work. Eg. In the name of Isis Goddess of Magic, I command you to leave.
If this fails or you feel you need a safe shield against unwanted otherworldly visitor; you could ward your room with salt, and sage/lavender incenses and a strong will on what you want to keep out and allow in.
Maybe putting up or wearing a symbol of protection may help, as if this being doesn't have a pure intent then he can't be near her. The best symbol maybe to use is the Celtic shield knot  as it wards off evil spirits.
 Symbols of protection

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Supernatural research

Today folks I'm gonna talk about DAEMONS! *atmospheric  music* Demonology time!

So what is a demon or Daemon? Well, it is a malevolent entity that isn't human and has never been human.
However, traced back to the ancient Greeks;the translation: daimon or daemon (meaning a being who is half God, half mortal- a demigod, or deity or divinity) They believed there were both good and bad demons; called "eudemons" and "cacodemons". In the Greek mythology, Daimons where deified heroes. Shocker!

Well, isn't that confusing! Is a demon good or bad?!
Many cultures believe demons possessed victims and torture them.While others say that demons are powerful enough to manifest in our plane/physical dimension, and therefore don't need to possess humans or animals to manifest but copy their physical appearance to blend in. Some humans are said to have inherited demon traits from demon-human mating.... There are types of demons that feed of humans such as succubus and incubus. They feed off pleasure chi... basically your life force but when your in a state of pure ecstasy, so your natural psyche shield is lowered. In some cases this can result in death or serious illnesses, as the donor-er is left nearly drained of their life force(chi).

Don't panic! The good demons the Ancient Greeks believed in, were considered to be guardian spirits, who would protect and guide their chosen one. 
There is a film called the Exorcist, I've never seen it but it portraits a demon possession, inspired by Robbie Mannheim's exorcism case of a young girl. If your interested then click on this link to a blog review by Lavey.

Now, if like I you are wondering "how do you know if someone is possessed?", then read on!
(In humans)

  • Dramatic changes in personality 
  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Uncharacteristic hostile behaviour 
  • Someone very religious suddenly becomes repelled to it.
  • Personal hygiene changes,
  • Become suddenly abusive and threatening for no reason
  • Begin talking in tongue or fluently in other languages, which they didn't previously know(Polyglossia+Xenoglossia)
  • The possessed voice can talk in two or more separate and distinct at one time or simultaneously . eg accent, tone, pitch
  • Severe nightmares 
  • Blackouts of memory
  • Hearing voices
  • Addiction, usually substance abuse
  • Emotional breakdowns-crying, self harming but they don't know why they are doing it
  • Paranormal Occurrences- head turning all the way round, electrical appliances freeze or catch fire
  •   Confusion of why they did something and why
  • Doing embarrassing/shameful/guilt inducing activities, however at the time don't remember why they did it/or even if they did it, and feeling embarrassed about it after it. 
  • Unusual scratches or bruises 
  • Onset of nose bleeds
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Balance issues
  • Withdraw socially, therefore missing work or school
(In animals)

  • Erratic/usually behaviour 
  • Isolating itself from owners
  • Displaying signs of fear, and making animal noises at something invisible
  • Usually aggressive behaviour

Signs of Demon Oppression (being stalked and harassed)to open a door for possession:

  • Recent irrational fear, loneliness, or anger
  • Uncharacteristic lack of self control
  • Conflicts with Authority 
  • Aimlessness, just confused and disoriented 
  • Out burst of hatred
  • Unusual violent behaviour
  • Severe nightmares
  • Smell something dead or nasty but there no visible source
  • Ancestors had the same problems as above 
  • Experience physical harm: hair pulling, scratches, pushing
Then there is demon obsession, which is where a demon keeps attacking you so that you. This kind of like the opposite to possession but it can have similar effects. As the victim experiences intense fear and frustration. The demon is playing a game, taunting. What happening to playing nice? Tut tut...
Then there is demon infestation, basically a demon has "possessed" a place or object, therefore causing bad smells, noises, moving objects. Possible caused by a hex or p*ssing of someone who messes with demons/possessed by a demon, or from a past traumatic event happening, the negative energy drawing the demon.  

[NOTICE: However, if some people showing these symptoms may actually be mental ill, so should seek medical/counselling treatment.]

Negative emotions make the demon stronger, therefore the harassment will get worst. So don't be scared, be strong-keep you head up and your faith in your heart! If you are convinced because all or near all the signs are there, then talk to your religious leader about it. They preform an Exorcism aka Banishment.
That's all well and good knowing how to get rid of a demon but how do you stop one possessing you?
Well, it is said "like attracts like" therefore, be positive and you attract positive things. If their is something upsetting you, don't suppress the emotion but deal with it and let it go and then continue to be happy. This means there is  no hand hold for a negative demon to use to possess you. If your drained of energy, avoid negative people or places as you are vulnerable in this state.
 Also remember you have free will! If you sense something is amiss, snap up your mental shields and say get lost this, is my body! And my body only. Think this with conviction.
 Carry protective or sacred objects with you, such as a cross necklace if your christian or protective amulet or crystal if your pagan. These objects need to be cleansed then charged with protective energy or in case of Christians' blessed by your priest.

 When rationalised, these victims are thought to actually have had mental illnesses. On the other hand, these victims prophesied very accurately and these prophesies have been used in the Bible!

Check out:

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? NO, it's a UFO!

Yes, I'm talking about the green men who floated across the face of Mars....OK! I admit it, I'm not but never one to dismiss anything even supposed UFO sighting. Remember my best friend(Lexi), who i previously told you about. The one who believes there is always a rational explanation, well today maybe the day that questions her faith in that statement, because today is the day she spotted a UFO, from her kitchen window. 

Why is it i always get disturbing,  if not extremely dramatic and exciting news in the morning? I'm telling ya, I'm seeing a pattern here.
Anyway, onto the important and eye-bugging texts :)

Lexi: "A UFO just flew past my house ..."
I just lovve the casualness of it, like it's something that happens everyday. 

Me: "Dude! Need the details!"

Lexi: "There was,like, this huge trail of fire across the sky moving reaaaaaally fast and we don't know what it was!"

Me: "Shooting star? And wow that extreme!..."

Lexi: "No, it was too big for a shooting start-wrong colour and too slow as well. Plus it changed direction..."
Later, when I asked her about the strange situation she told me: "Well it was flying down alarming fast then just suddenly sort of started zooming upwards! Then it started travelling sideways and we lost it ... The smoke was reddy orange and it trembled"

So, what do you think? Was it really a alien vessel? It does sound like an orb, which is how ghosts and outer-space beings are describe to travel as. An Orb is a brightly ball of light that zooms frantically around in the atmosphere.

Friday, 3 February 2012

A card of inspiration

Well, I'm only a beginner at tarot card readings but the cards are amazing-very useful. I realize they're not the only type of divination*,there are many. So I've decided to make it a point to do some research on this subject.  A post for each one, possible. If you have any useful information or you want to do a guest teaching/research sharing then feel free to contact me- my emails:

*The seeking of information/knowledge through supernatural means.

Pinch, punch, third day of the month

So this post is dedicated to the update on Helena's ghost situation. If you haven't read about Helena's stalker ghost before, scroll down and read the whole beginning as this story hasn't ended yet. ;D 

So I received a text this morning which certainly did jolt me awake.
Helena: "omg need ttalk u today bout the ghost xx" 
Now, reading that at 8:20am wouldn't you be suddenly alert like a Meerkat sensing a hungry snake?... However, it was the next text that sent my phone quaking on the car's dashboard that  ignited my curiosity. 

Helena: "cos now wen im just about t open a door it opens n closes without me touchin it n i saw the whole body shadow nxt t me wiv something in its hand n i felt a sharp pain in my leg lyk a jab this morning lyk a pinch xx" 
So for the benefit of those who don't understand this dialect text speak...basically the doors are moving without her touching them and she's now seen his(the entity's) whole body and it's now getting physical, in the sense of jabs and pinches. So now i'm wondering is this entity really a ghost? Or some other supernatural being.... Research time anybody? =) <------Picture from this blog. The blog has lots of unqiue pictures of ghosties and you can send the blogger your own.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ghostly Facts

Notice: My 1st research post, hopeful it will be filed under my research page if not my apologies. 

I thought seeming as I've been doing a few posts about Helena's otherworldly friend, I'd do some ghost research and this is what i found....

  • A ghost is a dead person or animal.
  • Ghosts want your attention! If you had no one to talk to all day it's kind of understandable don't you think.
  • They can communicate with you in your dreams.
  • Young adults(aka teenagers) tend to attract a lot of ghosts because of their increase in energy. 
  • When a ghost enters a room the temperature drops.
  • Most ghost can't or won't hurt you.
  • Ghosts are emotional- who won't be!
  • They retain memories of their lives.
  • Sometimes they don't know they're dead :(
  • They can appear in human form, shadow, mist, or an orb. Usually they don't appear in their human form as it takes a lot of energy.
  • Naughty ghosts are called Poltergeist. They tend to move your things and create a mess.
  • You've probably already seen a ghost and not realized it.
  • On occasions they try to blend in with the living. However, you can usual tell they're ghosts by their pale complexion( :/ not 100% accurate), you glance away for a second and they've disappeared;seen in an unusual place, they ignore you when you try talk to them (maybe their just being rude?) and if they are dressed oddly. I swear I'm not a ghost :) 
  • People can contact ghosts through: visiting a haunted house, séance, scrying, Ouija board, channeling, putting themselves in a trance, sound recordings and staring in the mirror at night.
  • Old English word for ghost is gast.
  • Latin: spirtus meaning "breath, blast" -this is for ghost <----- Check this out!

Apparently the weird just gets weirder

Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll! :)

 So yet again the setting was school, it be surprising but my school had it coming, I suppose. Who has upside down crosses on their walls? Don't you think it's just asking for trouble...or paranormal activity. Well, I think it definitely does and so do most of the students. :/ Anyway, onto the juicy details! Their has always been odd small-scale things happen, a door firmly shut, slams open untouched by human hands, and the cold spots- you see where I'm going with this. Nothing that would really draw attention. Well, that was until yesterday; students gossiped in hushed whispers about the ticking bomb noise and the lights flicking but only in maths and science no other rooms- now doesn't that sound strange? A targeted attack by otherworldly entities? Eeeek!

I haven't even told you about today yet! Bright and early, it started. First lesson to be exact, I was on the computer, deeply engrossed in my coursework when suddenly this awful shrieking sound cut through the quiet murmuring. It was like a baby's scream but twisted and deep. I asked my friend if she heard it, and we all looked at each other and dashed for the window.  We manically searched the surrounding with our sharply suspicious eyes; trying to find the source but it sounded like it was coming from inside the room and there was nobody outside. Finally, it cut off with a melting gag. Nobody knew where it came from or even what is was. That's when I saw the solitary  pale hand hanging limply on my monitor, and then grateful vanishing after a few quick blinks. I'm just glad I didn't have a mop.... hahahahaha ;)
 However, I did learn the room next to it was meant to be haunted. :O

Later on, the same performance of light flickering and diving temperatures and taunting foot steps of an invisible person, troubled me more.  So what do you thinks happening? It seems it's time to put my detective hat on and start sellotaping it all together. 

Helena's Spirit update

So slouching in my seat, back against the shelf -which i can tell you is uncomfortable- in maths, chatting to Helena. It was there that I heard the spine-tingling update about her ghostly happenings. The first bit was pretty humorist if not slightly shocking;I mean who goes round attempting to hit a stalkish ghost with a mop? Well, my dearest Helena obviously, but in her defence it was pestering her! Plus, you have to admit seeing it standing there staring at you,watching every move you made, while making non of it's own; is unnerving and creepy. Also, home alone with a unknown entity ... well most would run, screaming. Helena and I, obviously are made for this profession (see that skyscraper that's my ego) hahahaha =P

After the mop attack from my pal, it vanished but not for long. It returned later in the night, yet again just watching her. Turning the room cold with it's ghostly touch. Helena took my advice and tried communicating with it. The first few questions it didn't answer, until she said knock once for yes and two for no. Well, lets say now the banging had a meaning, a very important one at that. She learnt that the ghost was very real and that it is actually a HE

That's it so farther but I'm sure tomorrow will have many more surprises.