Wednesday, 22 February 2012

So many names, but lets go with Shapeshifter

Greetings :)
So like I said in my last post, I was going to do some research, and that's exactly what I've done. This topic I find quite interesting, (not in a creepy mad scientist kinda way, pinkie promise).

A shapeshifter, as I'm going to refer to this type of being, is simple a person who can change their mental state or partly/or full physical state to a different state, usual said to become an animal. In common mythology wolfs;which is where werewolfs come from.

Most Shapeshifters inherit the ability to shift states through being born to a shifter family, there is two different sides to this coin- the individual inherit ability therefore can shifter or has to kill a family member/ or person to shifter. Nasty business if you ask me, killing or even hurting people doesn't seem worth the pain you'd cause. However, it is rumored that the Loup virus/or curse is what triggers the change. So there isn't a definite answer,unless your a shifter then you'd know ;)

It is said when a shifter changes states, (I find the mental dominance most believable, but then that's my opinion)   that their senses are heightened, their strength increases as well as their speed. There are supposed tail tale signs a person is a shifter by how graceful they walk, how strong there relationships are, how protective or submissive they person personality is and if they are very socialable.
Some triggers for the change are: being threatened or protecting someone, stress, the full moon(eye roll), anger or intense emotion. Due to these triggers a shifter would have to have a lot of self control....

This is a brief summary of the basic facts I found, so I hope it was somewhat amusing in a thought provoking manner, but not so long you grow drowsy enough to bang your head against the screen... Feed back would be greatly appreciated. 
 Thanks x

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