Thursday, 2 February 2012

Helena's Spirit update

So slouching in my seat, back against the shelf -which i can tell you is uncomfortable- in maths, chatting to Helena. It was there that I heard the spine-tingling update about her ghostly happenings. The first bit was pretty humorist if not slightly shocking;I mean who goes round attempting to hit a stalkish ghost with a mop? Well, my dearest Helena obviously, but in her defence it was pestering her! Plus, you have to admit seeing it standing there staring at you,watching every move you made, while making non of it's own; is unnerving and creepy. Also, home alone with a unknown entity ... well most would run, screaming. Helena and I, obviously are made for this profession (see that skyscraper that's my ego) hahahaha =P

After the mop attack from my pal, it vanished but not for long. It returned later in the night, yet again just watching her. Turning the room cold with it's ghostly touch. Helena took my advice and tried communicating with it. The first few questions it didn't answer, until she said knock once for yes and two for no. Well, lets say now the banging had a meaning, a very important one at that. She learnt that the ghost was very real and that it is actually a HE

That's it so farther but I'm sure tomorrow will have many more surprises.  

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