Monday, 30 January 2012

Helena's haunted house


So I went on that horror movie sleepover...the social interaction was great but the horror movies have left me totally freaked out. I'm actually considering swearing off them. Anyway, apart from that there was some weird happenings but I don't know if it's my part of my imagination or real. Maybe you can tell me what you think?

 So I was trying to sleep and then I felt like weird tapping/crawling sensation on my leg, i looked up to see if it was one of my friends trying to freak me out. Well, it wasn't them.  When it finally stopped, I was obviously very weary and alert by this point. That's when i heard the tapping on the wall behind me-slow and rhythmic. 1...2...3....Yet again I looked round. It was definitely impossible of my friends to have made this noise as they were in front of me, not behind me and fast asleep. The tapping halted.

 That's when I saw him, the dark shadow. Don't worry I didn't scream, just kinda when bug eyed. =P Anyway, i blinked and he was gone.

The next morning, I was starting to feel okay again, and that's when I felt eyes on me. You know when you get that feeling like your being watched and then it turns out you actually are? Well, it felt like that-like the air was tingling and then it went cold. To say it was really weird is an understatement, because all night I'd been complaining about how humid the house was, so the sudden drop in temperture was really odd.

Finally returning home, you'd never guess but I found a red scatch down my leg where i felt the weird sensation the night before. I wonder how i got it as Helena's cat has had her claws cut and it was only one scratch and the cat was never near my leg as she is quite lazy,which means Helena and her family have to carry her around. Also, you'd think I'd notice if a cat decided to scratch me.
 On the other hand, Helena's mum was attacked by the cat last night somehow it had opened a LOCKED door and climbed up stairs. I was actually asking Helena about her cats moods and if she normal attacks people... aparently she only just recently started getting aggressive. Hmmmm....

So the question is, is her house haunt or was i just so paronia and freaked out from the films that it led me to become overly hypersensitive to stimuli?


  1. OMG! Not the best thing to read late at night!

  2. hahahahaah Totally agree with that!! *shudder*


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