Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Let's start with an introduction

Hi, i'm Em but I go by Mango. I'm told it suits my personality more. :)

As you may have guessed I believe in the paranormal but this isn't just blind faith, I have had many odd and sometimes just plain bizarre if not slightly scary experiences in the few short years that are my life (I am a student, currently doing my GCSEs). I don't claim to be an expert but I am curious about anything otherworldly be it in books or local haunted sites. However, I don't take things at face value which means, I prefer to investigate and then come to my own conclusion, which some may disagree with. Like my best friend for an example. She is an amazing person, smart and beautiful but level headed person who has a bit of a dramatic flare. She doesn't believe in the supernatural as to her everything has a rational explanation caused not by God or spirits or energy but by some physical action that has been proven by science. Even though we don't agree, we respect each others opinions. 

I started this blog as a place to record my abnormal experiences,to share the knowledge that I learn through research,give advice and also share interviews from people who also live a paranormal life.  =D

 I encourage readers to get in touch and share there own experiences and to have discussions and comment etc, I'd love to hear about your own opinions on the supernatural. However, please don't be rude or nasty as you don't have to be to get your point across. 

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  1. Hi Im your first follower! I cannot wait to read more from you :D

  2. I'm so honored to have a follower! :) Eeek! I'm gonna have to step up my game and make sure my blogs worth reading then :)


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