Friday, 27 January 2012

First Interview...

Hey =)

As promised I did my first Paranormal interview. :O  My interviewee is actually a friend of mine called Helena. (I have agreed only to use her first name for security reasons). She lives a few miles away from me,in a upmarket, stylish home;which I can tell ya is definitely drool worthy. So to find out that there's a possible ghostly resident, was just the cherry on the cake. As it so happens tomorrow I get to visit her haunted house

Anyway, on to my short but informative interview...

My first question had to be an easy one, so I asked her 
"So when was the first time you start noticing weird things happening in your house?"
Helena: "Everything seemed normal till recently, about a few weeks ago now."

Q: "That certainly is quite strange. So what exactly happened? How did it start?"
Helena: "Well, everyone else was fast asleep but I just couldn't sleep. That's when I noticed this dark shadow on the other side of the room;I could see it's head and shoulders on the ceiling-like it was floating. At first I thought I'd imagined it but then the door started shaking, then opening by itself. At this point I was really freaked out! A few minutes later after that stopped, the light start switching on and off. At this point, my cat was becoming nervous and ran under the bed.  Another time, there was this horrible sound of like nails being dragged down the wall and the attic creaking-this happened not so long ago actually."

Q: "What do you thing this being is?"
Helena: "I'm really not sure, but I heard ghosts do things like that, so I think it might be a ghost."

So what you think? Is it really a ghost? Or do you think it's a different species?


  1. Ooo that sounds like a terrifying experience.

  2. Totally Agree!
    ...and I'm in the house tomorrow watching scary movies, and i'm still wondering if that's going to be a good combination. Well, lets hope it doesn't get any funny ideas.

  3. Ooo sounds frightening.


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