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Supernatural research

Today folks I'm gonna talk about DAEMONS! *atmospheric  music* Demonology time!

So what is a demon or Daemon? Well, it is a malevolent entity that isn't human and has never been human.
However, traced back to the ancient Greeks;the translation: daimon or daemon (meaning a being who is half God, half mortal- a demigod, or deity or divinity) They believed there were both good and bad demons; called "eudemons" and "cacodemons". In the Greek mythology, Daimons where deified heroes. Shocker!

Well, isn't that confusing! Is a demon good or bad?!
Many cultures believe demons possessed victims and torture them.While others say that demons are powerful enough to manifest in our plane/physical dimension, and therefore don't need to possess humans or animals to manifest but copy their physical appearance to blend in. Some humans are said to have inherited demon traits from demon-human mating.... There are types of demons that feed of humans such as succubus and incubus. They feed off pleasure chi... basically your life force but when your in a state of pure ecstasy, so your natural psyche shield is lowered. In some cases this can result in death or serious illnesses, as the donor-er is left nearly drained of their life force(chi).

Don't panic! The good demons the Ancient Greeks believed in, were considered to be guardian spirits, who would protect and guide their chosen one. 
There is a film called the Exorcist, I've never seen it but it portraits a demon possession, inspired by Robbie Mannheim's exorcism case of a young girl. If your interested then click on this link to a blog review by Lavey.

Now, if like I you are wondering "how do you know if someone is possessed?", then read on!
(In humans)

  • Dramatic changes in personality 
  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Uncharacteristic hostile behaviour 
  • Someone very religious suddenly becomes repelled to it.
  • Personal hygiene changes,
  • Become suddenly abusive and threatening for no reason
  • Begin talking in tongue or fluently in other languages, which they didn't previously know(Polyglossia+Xenoglossia)
  • The possessed voice can talk in two or more separate and distinct at one time or simultaneously . eg accent, tone, pitch
  • Severe nightmares 
  • Blackouts of memory
  • Hearing voices
  • Addiction, usually substance abuse
  • Emotional breakdowns-crying, self harming but they don't know why they are doing it
  • Paranormal Occurrences- head turning all the way round, electrical appliances freeze or catch fire
  •   Confusion of why they did something and why
  • Doing embarrassing/shameful/guilt inducing activities, however at the time don't remember why they did it/or even if they did it, and feeling embarrassed about it after it. 
  • Unusual scratches or bruises 
  • Onset of nose bleeds
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Balance issues
  • Withdraw socially, therefore missing work or school
(In animals)

  • Erratic/usually behaviour 
  • Isolating itself from owners
  • Displaying signs of fear, and making animal noises at something invisible
  • Usually aggressive behaviour

Signs of Demon Oppression (being stalked and harassed)to open a door for possession:

  • Recent irrational fear, loneliness, or anger
  • Uncharacteristic lack of self control
  • Conflicts with Authority 
  • Aimlessness, just confused and disoriented 
  • Out burst of hatred
  • Unusual violent behaviour
  • Severe nightmares
  • Smell something dead or nasty but there no visible source
  • Ancestors had the same problems as above 
  • Experience physical harm: hair pulling, scratches, pushing
Then there is demon obsession, which is where a demon keeps attacking you so that you. This kind of like the opposite to possession but it can have similar effects. As the victim experiences intense fear and frustration. The demon is playing a game, taunting. What happening to playing nice? Tut tut...
Then there is demon infestation, basically a demon has "possessed" a place or object, therefore causing bad smells, noises, moving objects. Possible caused by a hex or p*ssing of someone who messes with demons/possessed by a demon, or from a past traumatic event happening, the negative energy drawing the demon.  

[NOTICE: However, if some people showing these symptoms may actually be mental ill, so should seek medical/counselling treatment.]

Negative emotions make the demon stronger, therefore the harassment will get worst. So don't be scared, be strong-keep you head up and your faith in your heart! If you are convinced because all or near all the signs are there, then talk to your religious leader about it. They preform an Exorcism aka Banishment.
That's all well and good knowing how to get rid of a demon but how do you stop one possessing you?
Well, it is said "like attracts like" therefore, be positive and you attract positive things. If their is something upsetting you, don't suppress the emotion but deal with it and let it go and then continue to be happy. This means there is  no hand hold for a negative demon to use to possess you. If your drained of energy, avoid negative people or places as you are vulnerable in this state.
 Also remember you have free will! If you sense something is amiss, snap up your mental shields and say get lost this, is my body! And my body only. Think this with conviction.
 Carry protective or sacred objects with you, such as a cross necklace if your christian or protective amulet or crystal if your pagan. These objects need to be cleansed then charged with protective energy or in case of Christians' blessed by your priest.

 When rationalised, these victims are thought to actually have had mental illnesses. On the other hand, these victims prophesied very accurately and these prophesies have been used in the Bible!

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