Thursday, 2 February 2012

Apparently the weird just gets weirder

Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll! :)

 So yet again the setting was school, it be surprising but my school had it coming, I suppose. Who has upside down crosses on their walls? Don't you think it's just asking for trouble...or paranormal activity. Well, I think it definitely does and so do most of the students. :/ Anyway, onto the juicy details! Their has always been odd small-scale things happen, a door firmly shut, slams open untouched by human hands, and the cold spots- you see where I'm going with this. Nothing that would really draw attention. Well, that was until yesterday; students gossiped in hushed whispers about the ticking bomb noise and the lights flicking but only in maths and science no other rooms- now doesn't that sound strange? A targeted attack by otherworldly entities? Eeeek!

I haven't even told you about today yet! Bright and early, it started. First lesson to be exact, I was on the computer, deeply engrossed in my coursework when suddenly this awful shrieking sound cut through the quiet murmuring. It was like a baby's scream but twisted and deep. I asked my friend if she heard it, and we all looked at each other and dashed for the window.  We manically searched the surrounding with our sharply suspicious eyes; trying to find the source but it sounded like it was coming from inside the room and there was nobody outside. Finally, it cut off with a melting gag. Nobody knew where it came from or even what is was. That's when I saw the solitary  pale hand hanging limply on my monitor, and then grateful vanishing after a few quick blinks. I'm just glad I didn't have a mop.... hahahahaha ;)
 However, I did learn the room next to it was meant to be haunted. :O

Later on, the same performance of light flickering and diving temperatures and taunting foot steps of an invisible person, troubled me more.  So what do you thinks happening? It seems it's time to put my detective hat on and start sellotaping it all together. 


  1. Which rooms supposed to be haunted?

  2. Room 14 :O I know next to our old form room *shock horror theme music*

  3. Ahhhhh! Sadly I have no lessons there, I may have to invent an excuse to go it :)

  4. *knocks* Student::"Miss, i think i left my sock in here" Teacher:"your sock?"
    Student:"Erm, did i say sock i mean errrrmm ghost,erm no ermm planner! Yeah, my planner!"
    Teacher:"Ur holding it."
    Sounded funnier in my head, but then so do most things:)


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