Sunday, 12 February 2012

The obsession of the Spirit

Heya reader!
So yet another update on the Helena-ghost situation and this time I was kinda there? Ever heard of Astral travel? Well, it seems I somehow experienced with Helena early this morning yet another happening. To be perfectly honest I'm not sure how I did it but I did. I've briefly read about it but I'm not 100% in the know about the mechanics of it. A research post is definitely going to appear on this topic- Astral travel.

Back to the point! I finally got to sleep but there was this buzzing atmosphere, and I felt dizzy however I assumed it was because I was attempting to slip into unconsciousness. I then remember being in someone else bedroom, before realizing i was dreaming and began to feel more conscious;that's when i heard the tap tap-tap tap-tap tap- Pause -tap tap-tap tap-tap tap- BANG. Silences. My head bolted up, but I still wasn't completely awake. I didn't see anything in front of me and that's what I thought the tapping had come from. Surprising, I wasn't panicked or even interested; I just proceeded to walk out my room, halting at the doors threshold. My mothers door swished back and forth, like a fake b*tch slap. Then it froze. A bone-jarring noise exactly like nails being dragged down a solid surface racketed off the walls,however I didn't even blink. I wasn't scared,and for some reason it didn't really register at the time what was happening. It was like I was sleep-walking,but only slightly aware of actually moving and environmental changes. The last thing I remember before my mother knocking on my door to wake me up is the time 6 o'clock.

Later that morning I was in maths, talking to Helena, and she was telling me how she her her and strangely "it started pressing on the f button and won't stop", then surprises of all surprises revealed her tapping /scratching at 6 0'clock business.  She inquired on how to get rid pesky entity. Well, from what I've learnt just telling them to leave such in theory work. However, if a polite get lost doesn't reap any successful results, then saying in the name of the deity or God/ddess you believe asking them to leave may work. Eg. In the name of Isis Goddess of Magic, I command you to leave.
If this fails or you feel you need a safe shield against unwanted otherworldly visitor; you could ward your room with salt, and sage/lavender incenses and a strong will on what you want to keep out and allow in.
Maybe putting up or wearing a symbol of protection may help, as if this being doesn't have a pure intent then he can't be near her. The best symbol maybe to use is the Celtic shield knot  as it wards off evil spirits.
 Symbols of protection

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