Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? NO, it's a UFO!

Yes, I'm talking about the green men who floated across the face of Mars....OK! I admit it, I'm not but never one to dismiss anything even supposed UFO sighting. Remember my best friend(Lexi), who i previously told you about. The one who believes there is always a rational explanation, well today maybe the day that questions her faith in that statement, because today is the day she spotted a UFO, from her kitchen window. 

Why is it i always get disturbing,  if not extremely dramatic and exciting news in the morning? I'm telling ya, I'm seeing a pattern here.
Anyway, onto the important and eye-bugging texts :)

Lexi: "A UFO just flew past my house ..."
I just lovve the casualness of it, like it's something that happens everyday. 

Me: "Dude! Need the details!"

Lexi: "There was,like, this huge trail of fire across the sky moving reaaaaaally fast and we don't know what it was!"

Me: "Shooting star? And wow that extreme!..."

Lexi: "No, it was too big for a shooting start-wrong colour and too slow as well. Plus it changed direction..."
Later, when I asked her about the strange situation she told me: "Well it was flying down alarming fast then just suddenly sort of started zooming upwards! Then it started travelling sideways and we lost it ... The smoke was reddy orange and it trembled"

So, what do you think? Was it really a alien vessel? It does sound like an orb, which is how ghosts and outer-space beings are describe to travel as. An Orb is a brightly ball of light that zooms frantically around in the atmosphere.


  1. Wow the skeptic begins to believe!

  2. And they all lived scared of there own shadow :)
    I'm just kinda shock it was a UFO...but i suppose ur first has to b pretty epic


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