Friday, 3 February 2012

Pinch, punch, third day of the month

So this post is dedicated to the update on Helena's ghost situation. If you haven't read about Helena's stalker ghost before, scroll down and read the whole beginning as this story hasn't ended yet. ;D 

So I received a text this morning which certainly did jolt me awake.
Helena: "omg need ttalk u today bout the ghost xx" 
Now, reading that at 8:20am wouldn't you be suddenly alert like a Meerkat sensing a hungry snake?... However, it was the next text that sent my phone quaking on the car's dashboard that  ignited my curiosity. 

Helena: "cos now wen im just about t open a door it opens n closes without me touchin it n i saw the whole body shadow nxt t me wiv something in its hand n i felt a sharp pain in my leg lyk a jab this morning lyk a pinch xx" 
So for the benefit of those who don't understand this dialect text speak...basically the doors are moving without her touching them and she's now seen his(the entity's) whole body and it's now getting physical, in the sense of jabs and pinches. So now i'm wondering is this entity really a ghost? Or some other supernatural being.... Research time anybody? =) <------Picture from this blog. The blog has lots of unqiue pictures of ghosties and you can send the blogger your own.

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