Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ghostly Facts

Notice: My 1st research post, hopeful it will be filed under my research page if not my apologies. 

I thought seeming as I've been doing a few posts about Helena's otherworldly friend, I'd do some ghost research and this is what i found....

  • A ghost is a dead person or animal.
  • Ghosts want your attention! If you had no one to talk to all day it's kind of understandable don't you think.
  • They can communicate with you in your dreams.
  • Young adults(aka teenagers) tend to attract a lot of ghosts because of their increase in energy. 
  • When a ghost enters a room the temperature drops.
  • Most ghost can't or won't hurt you.
  • Ghosts are emotional- who won't be!
  • They retain memories of their lives.
  • Sometimes they don't know they're dead :(
  • They can appear in human form, shadow, mist, or an orb. Usually they don't appear in their human form as it takes a lot of energy.
  • Naughty ghosts are called Poltergeist. They tend to move your things and create a mess.
  • You've probably already seen a ghost and not realized it.
  • On occasions they try to blend in with the living. However, you can usual tell they're ghosts by their pale complexion( :/ not 100% accurate), you glance away for a second and they've disappeared;seen in an unusual place, they ignore you when you try talk to them (maybe their just being rude?) and if they are dressed oddly. I swear I'm not a ghost :) 
  • People can contact ghosts through: visiting a haunted house, séance, scrying, Ouija board, channeling, putting themselves in a trance, sound recordings and staring in the mirror at night.
  • Old English word for ghost is gast.
  • Latin: spirtus meaning "breath, blast" -this is for ghost <----- Check this out!

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