Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hey there Soulmate!

Long time no post! I've missed you guys!!!  So my post today is on Soulmates. 
So what is a soulmate? It is someone you feel instantly connected to. Soulmates are usual stereotyped as being a person you fall in love the moment you set eyes on each other. However, this doesn't always apply. Sometimes our soulmate is our best friends, -someone who understands us, is there with you through the good and bad,a connection not based on infatuation or obsession and excepts you no matter what.  You may in fact have several soulmates!
So why do we have soulmates? Well, some say a soulmate is a guide who helps you achieve your goal in life or  to complete us, but we not 100% sure. Maybe you'll find out one day and you can tell me :)

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